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What Should You Expect in the First Two Weeks After Giving Birth?

Baby and mom

Pregnancy can be a hugely physical and emotional journey, but childbirth and postnatal are no easier. Your body will go through a lot during birth and the changes can be complex and difficult. It is really important to understand the changes that your body is going through, how to recover, relax and recuperate properly. You should expect bleeding For a…

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The 6 Most Important Facts About Baby Brain Development That Every Parent Must Know.

Baby Girl Under Blanket

Over the years, one of the most frequently asked question’s we get from parents is: “What techniques can I use to support my baby’s brain development?” We have listed 6 key methods to help you to ensure that your child’s brain grows well, giving them the healthy start needed to reach their full potential. Responsive parenting; helps to increase oxytocin…

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