Breathing your baby out is a way of helping to ease your baby out easily and without pushing during labour. It helps the mother to stay calm and centred with guided breathing exercises.

1. Wait as long as possible

Your uterus does most of the work for you, opening your cervix without any pushing or help. The urge to bear-down will gradually get stronger and stronger.

2. Push only when it’s impossible NOT too

The farther down your baby is, the stronger the urges to push will become. It can reach a point when you simply can’t resist that urge to push along, that is completely okay!

3. Relax your jaw

Your face and mouth are physiologically linked to your pelvic floor. Your breathing begins and ends at both of those places, respectively. When your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders are completely relaxed, it allows your lower pelvic area to relax also.

4. Open-mouthed “ahhs”

Take a deep breath in as you normally would, then slowly exhale as if you’re saying a very quiet “ahh.”

5. Exhale downward

When you normally exhale, your lungs and abdominal cavity compress. However, when you exhale with your slow “ahs,” have your lower belly take the motion downward. The slight pressure from pushing out your exhaling is compensated for by pushing your baby out in the other direction.

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