Few Easy Steps for Breathing Your Baby Out During Labour

Breathing baby out

Giving birth is a wonderful process, but it can be difficult, long and stressful. Breathing your baby out is a fantastic technique that can help to make the birthing experience easier. Breathing your baby out is a technique to help keep the mother calm and controlled through the use of guided breathing exercises.

We have collated a few easy techniques to help you during your labour here:

1. Wait as long as possible before pushing

Pushing early is an easy way to tire yourself out, emotionally and physically. Your body does most of the work for you, gradually dilating and stretching as it prepares for both. It is recommended that you try to resist the urge to bear down until the midwives tell you to start pushing. The lower your baby is, the stronger the urges will become and they will eventually become so strong that you cannot resist any longer.

2. Relax your jaw

Your face and mouth are physiologically linked to your pelvic floor, by ensuring that they are relaxed and your body will react instinctively to reduce tension and tightness. When your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders are completely relaxed, it allows your lower pelvic area to relax also.

3. Controlled breathing

Your breathing plays a big part in your birth journey, helping you to stay calm, relaxed and ready to push down. Taking some deep breaths and breathing through your nose can help to reduce anxiety and tension. Take some deep breaths in through your nose and then slowly exhale through your mouth as if you’re saying a very quiet “ahh.”

4. Exhale downward

When you normally exhale, your lungs and abdominal cavity compress, however when you exhale using the slow “ahs’ your lower tummy will move in a downward motion. This slight pressure from breathing can help to push your baby out quickly and effectively.

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