The 6 Most Important Facts About Baby Brain Development That Every Parent Must Know.

Baby Girl Under Blanket
Over the years, one of the most frequently asked question’s we get from parents is: “What techniques can I use to support my baby’s brain development?” We have listed 6 key methods to help you to ensure that your child’s brain grows well, giving them the healthy start needed to reach their full potential.
  1. Responsive parenting; helps to increase oxytocin level that is very important for baby’s brain development as oxytocin directly increases neurons firing across the synapse to promote positive growth!
  2. Close and loving relationships! Make sure you are cuddling, talking and making lots of eye contact with your baby. A baby that grows up in a loving and nurturing environment has the best chance to grow into a well-adjusted adult who will contribute positively to society.
  3. Keeping baby in the same room and do not leave your baby to cry for long periods.
  4. Having skin to skin contact after birth plays an important part on brain development
  5. Remember breastfeeding isn’t just about food, it offers comfort and protection that optimises brain development
  6. Bottle feeders should hold the baby close, encourage rooting, never force a ‘full’ feed and limit feeds to parents.

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