7 Simple Tips to Keep You Fit During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman on beach

Being pregnant is an exciting time in your life, but it also takes a lot of hard work! Growing a human being inside you means that you must be careful now about things that you may have taken for granted! Health and fitness is no exception! 

Whether you already have a pre-pregnancy fitness routine or not, here are 7 simple tips to help you stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy:

1. Talk to your doctor first.

You may have seen pregnant women lifting weights, doing Zumba or going to the gym, however it is important to remember that every pregnancy is different. It is really important to talk to your doctor first before you start any exercise routine. There are many types of exercise to engage in during pregnancy, discover safe suggestions recommended for pregnant women here.

2. Always listen to your body.

There will be a lot of changes happening to your body whilst you’re pregnant, so make sure to listen to it. If you experience morning sickness, give your body time to rest and recover before you exercise. It is never good to exercise when you feel unwell.

Remember, pregnancy fitness is all about stay healthy and fit to help your pregnancy and delivery to happen smoothly and easily. Never push your pregnant body to do something it is telling you not to do. 

3. Practice regular stretching.

Stretching can do wonders for your body during pregnancy. Whether you’re exercising or not, practising a daily stretching routine will help relieve cramping or any muscle pain that you may feel as your belly grows and your body adjusts to your baby. Stretching will also help to improve your posture and prepare your body for giving birth.

4. Incorporate a healthy diet into the mix.

Pregnant or not, a good exercise routine must be paired with a healthy diet in order for it to be effective. Calcium, iron, and folate are especially important when you’re pregnant, so make sure that you eat a lot of dark green vegetables, pasta, dairy products and eggs.

Although you can give in to your cravings every now and then, practising a balanced diet will not only give you the energy to exercise properly but also help nourish your baby as it grows full-term. Click to find out more about how to eat healthily during pregnancy and use vitamin supplements for your pregnancy and postnatal.

5. Fight the laziness.

It’s no secret how being pregnant can make you feel tired and lazy, especially if your belly is already growing and your hormones are already at an all-time high.

But you always need to find the motivation and energy to move at least once every day. Any form of exercise is great, whilst going to a prenatal pilates class or to the gym can be really helpful, even just going for a short walk, doing a nice stretch or having a morning swim can make a huge difference to your mood! If you can’t go to the gym or participate in a prenatal Pilates class, you can do a quick walk, a simple stretch or a morning swim.

6. Keep yourself hydrated.

Proper hydration is very important when you’re pregnant and especially when you’re exercising. In fact, experts recommend drinking at least 10 cups of water every day whilst you’re pregnant. Make sure that you always have water beside you when exercising by investing in a handy water bottle.

7. Don’t forget to rest.

Pregnancy can be very tiring, especially during your third trimester. So, while it’s important to keep moving so your energy is up and your body stays fit, you also need to rest to give your body time to recover and re-charge.

Keep in mind that each pregnancy is different, so make sure that you listen to your body as you incorporate these tips into your fitness routine.

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