Here’s How to Deal With Every Trimester!

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So you’re pregnant, congratulations! From the moment you saw those two red lines, you instantly knew that your life was about to change. Pregnancy is a completely new journey and your body goes through a lot of changes to accommodate a growing human being inside you.

So if you’re going to do things right, it’s best to know how to deal with every trimester,  making sure you have the proper diet, exercise and mindset for each stage of your pregnancy.

The first trimester

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is the most crucial stage of your baby’s development. At this time, you’ll probably start to feel nausea, vomiting and extreme tiredness because of the hormonal changes that your body is going through. Since you’re still adjusting to the pregnancy, this is the time to take things slow and embrace changes as they come.

Even if you’re used to working out daily, you may easily get exhausted and nauseous, so it’s best to keep exercises to a minimum. Walking for at least 10 minutes and doing daily Kegel exercises is a great start to fitness during the first trimester. Here are a few tips to stay fit as well as to deal with every trimester with ease yourself.

The second trimester

Known as the easiest trimester, you’ll start to look and feel pregnant during the 13th to 26th weeks of pregnancy, as your baby goes from weighing just about 3 ounces to a pound or more. Most morning sickness will fade during this time and you’ll have more energy to start exercising again but with extra care.

Most forms of exercise are safe during the 2nd trimester, but you must consult your doctor first since every pregnancy is different. You may also feel heavier as your belly grows, and this could affect your balance and coordination.

Never start a rigorous routine during your pregnancy. Brisk walking, strength training and swimming are the best forms of exercise during this trimester. Always listen to your body and get adequate rest in between workouts.

The third trimester

Lasting from weeks 27 to 40, the third trimester is when you’ll feel the heaviest due to the growing baby and your body will also begin to prepare for delivery. You might also experience swollen feet, insomnia, heartburn and frequent urination, which make it hard to exercise.

But experts suggest that you stay active during this last trimester even if you’re feeling more tired and heavy because it will help your body prepare for labour and delivery.

Exercising also helps to improve your mood and energy, reduce constipation, swelling and backaches, promotes muscle strength and endurance, and helps you sleep better. But before you do anything, make sure to listen to your body and talk to your doctor about any restrictions depending on your condition.

If you experience any headache, dizziness, muscle weakness, vaginal bleeding, fluid leaking from the vagina and shortness of breath, you should stop exercising and ask your doctor for advice.

Getting ready for delivery

A healthy pregnancy should be a combination of proper exercise, a healthy diet and the right mindset. You may go through a lot of changes during this time but meeting your little one will surely make it all worthwhile.

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