Hypnobirthing allows you to focus on controlled breathing and effective stress management techniques in order to stay calm, reduce tension and control contractions. 
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Through hypnobirthing, your stress levels should reduce allowing for even breathing, increased oxygen to the body and rapid production of oxytocin, which controls contractions.

We have a fantastic team of hypnobirthing therapists who are ready to help and expertly guide you, including offering the option of a refresher package for those who have previously taken a course.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a state when your conscious and rational mind relaxes allowing your subconscious to take over. Hypnosis often involves music, soothing images and guided visualisation. As the rational side of your brain has become more relaxed, you are more responsive to affirmations and positive suggestions.

Hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing both use a state of deep relaxation to help you manage with the anxiety and fear that can often surround pregnancy and birth.

Hypnotherapy can help to regulate your heart rate, hormone production, the digestive system, as well as emotional wellbeing. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing is a technique used to help pregnant women feel prepared, both physically and mentally, for labour. This method is known to help eradicate common preconceptions about childbirth and motherhood, relieving any anxiety and fear.

This is an excellent method, often used to reduce awareness of pain and fear in a natural way, through relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques.

Hypnobirthing is completely safe. You are in total control and can stop or take a break whenever you want to.

The ideal time to start hypnobirthing is from 25 weeks to 29 weeks of your pregnancy. This gives you enough time to prepare your body for birth, many of the women take hypnobirthing classes right up until they are full term.

Hypnotherapy is completely safe and you are in total control and you can stop or take a break whenever you want too. It will be nothing like a game show! Many women also choose to learn to give birth under hypnosis to increase comfort and control of contractions, not have anaesthesia or analgesia and get the chance to be more fully present in the birthing experience.

It is common knowledge that when getting an injection, if you are calm, it will hurt less. Hypnotherapy works in the same way, ensuring that you are peaceful, that your body is relaxed and your breathing is deep and regular, helping to make your contractions less painful.

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