Pregnancy Scans

Antenatal scans are a hugely exciting and important part of any woman’s pregnancy. Pregma will help you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe during these pivotal moments. We partner with specialist private clinics across London to offer a range of scans including early stage, gender scans, Nuchal, Harmony and NIPT tests. 

Choosing your scans – and having your partner accompany you – allows you to go through pregnancy with confidence.

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Private Scans

Pregma offers a range of private antenatal scans at our partner organisations. They include:

  • The early scan (8-11 weeks) to see how old your baby is.
  • The nuchal test scan (11-13 weeks) to detect Down’s Syndrome in your baby.
  • The cervical scan (16-40 weeks) is helpful if you have a history of miscarriage, previous premature birth or any previous procedures performed on the neck of your womb.
  • The gender scan (16 weeks) will determine if you are having a boy or a girl. 
  • The anomaly scan  (18-20 weeks) diagnoses whether your baby has any abnormalities or disabilities. 
  • The growth scan (24-36 weeks) checks your baby’s progress. 
  • The presentation scan (third trimester, from 36 weeks onward) will determine your baby’s position.
  • The Harmony Test, NIPT, safe test is a blood test which will identify chromosomal problems in the baby. 
  • The 4D scan (24-34 weeks) produces a 4D scan of the baby’s face. 
  • The fetal echocardiography, cardiac scan (12-32 weeks) will determine a problem with the structure of the baby’s heart or any congenital heart defects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Antenatal Scans

The first scans are available from around 8 to 16 weeks, which are known as the dating or reassuring scan. This will age your baby, giving a good indication of how far along you are and when your due date is. 

The gender scan happens typically at 16 weeks and will identify if they are male or female.

A Harmony Test screens for a number of abnormalities, including the three most common Trisomy conditions: Down’s Syndrome, Patau’s Syndrome and Edward’s Syndrome (Trisomy 21, 18 and 13). Sex chromosome anomalies including Turner and Klinefelter syndrome can also be checked during this process. 

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) can be offered as early as 10 weeks, and a 100% diagnosis can be confirmed through further testing if your result comes back high risk.

The tests are a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) and will be offered through either a blood test or an ultrasound scan or both. The screening tests can be offered as early from 10 weeks all the way to 21 weeks. If your results come back as high risk, we can accommodate you to ensure that you will have a 100% diagnosis.

These non-invasive tests are completely safe but are not entirely accurate, however it is essential that you have had an ultrasound scan to check your baby’s gestation and whether you are having twins or triplets.

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