Private Hospital Birth

Private Hospital Birth

Most women tend to have a hospital birth, and here at Pregma we want to support this process in the best way possible. Whether you require extra medical care or not, we have an extensive panel of obstetricians who will ensure that you and your baby are always in safe hands.

Our consultants are available throughout your pregnancy for regular antenatal appointments, in the event of an emergency and when labour begins. Once you have been discharged from the hospital, your private postnatal midwife will typically visit you at home to maintain continuity of care.

Private Elective C/S (caesarean section).

Elective (planned) caesarean may be requested for variety of reasons such as:

  • Baby breech position (when baby feet come first)
  • Unsuccessful ECV (turning baby from breech to cephalic)
  • Low-lying placenta
  • Severe pre-eclampsia (pregnancy-related high blood pressure)
  • You may feel anxious about giving vaginal birth
  • Or any other reasons that make vaginal birth not a safe option


If you opt for an Elective caesarean section, at Pregma , our expert panel of obstetric consultants can provide you a personalised care that suits you and your family .


Frequently Asked Questions

From the 39th week of pregnancy.

The entire operation normally takes about 40 to 50 minutes.

  • A screen is positioned across your body so you cannot see operation scene – the operation doctors or midwife will explain every stage while the operation is being done.
  • Your operation will start with a cut on your lower abdomen and womb so your baby can be delivered.
  • You may feel some pulling and towing sensation during the caesarean procedure
  • You and your birth partner will be able to meet and hold your baby once she/he has been delivered.

Every pregnancy and birth are different, meaning women can stay in hospital for a few hours to a number of days. This is dependent on their individual experience and need for aftercare.

If you have had a caesarean, it is likely that you will spend a little more time in hospital than someone who has had a natural birth. Women will often stay up to four days after a caesarean.

No matter your individual circumstances, Pregma will accommodate you and ensure that your hospital stay is as comfortable and smooth as possible, allowing you to focus on your newborn!

Giving birth in the hospital allows you to be surrounded by the most advanced technology as well as highly experienced and specialised staff. This allows for a safe and comfortable labour, with access to any medical attention you may require. You will also have easy access to any pain relief should you desire it, and any complications for you or your baby can be treated easily and efficiently.

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