Private Obstetric Consultant

Our network of Private Obstetric Consultants are highly experienced and well-qualified to provide you with the care you and your baby need, before, during and after birth. Based in London, consultations normally take place in-clinic.

Antenatal Care from a Private Obstetric Consultant

You can choose to have all or part of your antenatal care provided by the obstetric consultant of your choice.

Our consultants are available throughout your pregnancy for regular antenatal appointments, in the event of an emergency and when labour begins.

The support and care provided by an obstetric consultant will take place in a clinical setting, at a time of your choosing. Our consultants are all based in central London, and highly experienced.

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After your initial call to our Enquiries team, we will arrange a free ten minute consultation with a specialist. This gives you the chance to speak with a relevant practitioner about your individual needs before deciding on your care.

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