Aromatherapy is an ancient treatment and therapy that uses the essential oils from plants to promote wellbeing, relaxation and stress relief through pregnancy. The oils can be used in a number of ways, from diffusion, through massage oils or dropped into the bath for a relaxing experience.

Pregma has countless success stories of Aromatherapy, including easing anxiety, sleeplessness and reducing postpartum depression through heightened relaxation. At Pregma our aromatherapists are highly qualified and experienced in working with pregnant ladies. They will work with you to identify the issues you would like to treat, matching your symptoms to the correct oils and the appropriate placement of massages.

At Pregma, we believe in achieving the best pregnancy and birth for you possible. We have a fantastic team of aromatherapists who are ready to help and expertly guide you through your pregnancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aromatherapy is always safe when done by an experienced and certified specialist. There are a number of essential oils that you should avoid during pregnancy and include fennel, clary sage, marjoram, tarragon, caraway, cinnamon, thuja, mugwort, birch, wintergreen, basil (estragole CT), camphor, hyssop, aniseed, sage, tansy, wormwood, parsley seed or leaf, and pennyroyal.

Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy that is advised to work alongside clinical medical advice. It is a well known treatment for anxiety and has been recognised by the NHS as effectively reducing stress levels for pregnant women. 

There are a number of ways to use aromatherapy during pregnancy. The most popular is through massage therapy in which you will need to dilute the oils using a base oil. Mix one or two drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of base oil. For your base oil, you can use a vegetable oil, such as grapeseed, or nut oil, such as coconut or sweet almond. We would recommend always doing massage therapy with a registered aromatherapist who is specialised in pregnant women. 

The second way to use essential oils is through diffusion. Mix four drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of base oil to your diffuser or vaporizer and enjoy breathing in the relaxing scent, helping to calm any worries or fears you may have. 

The final way to use essential oils is to add a few drops of essential oils to your bath. You can add the oils with a teaspoon of base oil. Or, use full fat milk which will act as a carrier for the essential oils to spread through the water. 

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