Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is the use of various poses and positions that promote baby’s general health and wellbeing. The postures and positions are fantastic to increase flexibility, improve muscle tone and coordination, whilst strengthening the muscle. Postures can also help to promote postural control and body awareness. Baby Yoga is a great resource that mums can do with their little one, helping to strengthen the mother-baby bond, improve sleeping patterns and relieve stomach troubles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Proper baby yoga improves bonding, motor skills in the infant, and is safe and quite enjoyable for both the mother and child. However, many of the templates utilized in baby yoga are age-specific, and they slowly introduce postures to the developing child.

Baby yoga is generally for babies from 3 months onwards, though some baby yoga instructors may accept slightly younger babies into an appropriate class. Baby yoga is a natural successor to other baby classes such as baby massage, though it is not essential for your baby to have attended massage before starting yoga.

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