Hospital Birth

Most women tend to have a hospital birth, whether it is for medical reasons or in case of an emergency, Pregma is happy to support your pregnancy journey however will suit you best. We have an extensive panel of obstetricians will ensure that you and your baby are always in safe hands.

Our consultants are available throughout your pregnancy for regular antenatal appointments, in the event of an emergency and when labour begins. Once you have been discharged from the hospital, your midwife will typically visit you at home to maintain continuity of care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Women can stay in hospital for a few hours to a number of days depending on their experience and need for aftercare. If you have had a caesarean, it is likely that you will spend more time in hospital than someone who had a natural birth. Women will often stay up to four days after a caesarean. 

Pregma will accommodate you and your needs ensuring that your hospital stay is comfortable and easy, allowing you to focus on your newborn!

Hospital births offer the most advanced technology with highly experienced, specialised staff to ensure your labour happens safely and you have access to the medical attention you need. You will have easy access to pain relief should you desire it and if your baby has any complications they can be treated easily and quickly.

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