Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and pilates are a fantastic way to keep exercising gently whilst you’re pregnant, it can provide a number of health benefits such as relieving aches, tone and stretch your body as it changes and grows through pregnancy. 

Pregnancy yoga and pilates can help to regulate and improve breathing, an essential tool to ensuring that birth is comfortable and relaxing. Yoga and pilates can improve posture and make sure that your baby is in an optimal fetal position for a better birth.

At Pregma, we believe in achieving the best pregnancy and birth for you possible. We have a fantastic team of pregnancy yoga and pilates teachers who are ready to help and expertly guide you through your pregnancy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, yoga is a great exercise to do during pregnancy as it doesn’t put too much strain on your joints. It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and to help women stay calm in pregnancy and labour. It is important to only attend a pregnancy yoga session so as not to overwork your body or cause any strain. There are certain movements such as deep backbends that are not recommended when pregnant.

Pregma has a number of expert pregnancy yoga and pilates teachers that offer one on one sessions, group and video classes to keep you healthy and relaxed during your pregnancy. All of our teachers are fully accredited, insured and specialise in pregnancy yoga to ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your baby. 

There are plenty of poses you can perform in the third trimester, but you may need to modify them to avoid muscle strain and other distress. So long as you are cleared by your doctor and doing gentle, calming exercises pregnancy yoga is a great addition to your routine in the third trimester.

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