Midwife Aftercare

At Pregma, you will have access to a personal midwife to help guide you through the postnatal stage. Our midwives will help you to adjust to life with a new baby, helping with feeding, baby care, whilst mum has time to physically and emotionally recover from birth. 

Your midwife will visit you at home, completing physical checks such as screening and tests for your baby. We offer a specialised and personal touch to midwifery allowing you to meet and choose your midwife, encouraging a safe, well cared for and comfortable environment in which your midwife can advocate for you during pregnancy and the postnatal stage. Personal midwives will understand your personal needs and be a familiar face during a time of anxiety and worry, they are here to support you and give clinical advice when you need it most.


Midwife – 3 sessions at £450 

Please note prices are subject to change depending on practitioner experience and travel. The price displayed is reflective a typical home visit in London. Please call Pregma for more information on the full price lists for midwifery.

*the price is subject to change and is dependent on practitioner experience and travel. 

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Your midwife will offer you specialised and personalised care, supporting you through the entirety of your pregnancy, labour and postnatal care. They are a familiar face, supporting you through an amazing life change, giving you emotional and clinical support.

You can request as many visits from your midwife as you need. 

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