Scans are a hugely exciting and important part of any woman’s pregnancy. They provide insight to the baby’s health and growth, and we understand that there can sometimes be a level of anxiety surrounding your scans. Pregma wants to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe during such pivotal moments of your pregnancy journey. 

Pregma offers a range of scans at our private partner organisations, they include: 

  • The early scan – from 8-11 weeks, which works to see how old your baby is 
  • The nuchal scan (NT) – from 11 to 13 weeks. The nuchal scan will be able to diagnose Down’s Syndrome in your baby 
  • The cervical scan – from 16 – 40 weeks and is a helpful scan if you have a history of miscarriage, previous premature birth or any previous procedures performed on the neck of your womb.
  • The gender scan – from 16 weeks and will determine if you are having a boy or a girl. 
  • The anomaly scan – from 18 – 20 weeks and diagnoses whether your baby has any abnormalities or disabilities. 
  • The growth scan – from 24 weeks – 36 weeks and will check your baby’s progress 
  • The presentation scan – third trimester, from 36 weeks onward and will determine your baby’s position.
  • The harmony test, NIPT, safe test – a blood test which will identify chromosomal problems in the baby. 
  • The 4D scan – from 24 – 34 weeks and produces a 4D scan of the baby’s face. 
  • The fetal echocardiography, cardiac scan – from 12 – 32 weeks. This scan will determine a problem with the structure of the baby’s heart or any congenital heart defects. 

At Pregma, we believe in achieving the best pregnancy and birth for you possible. We have a fantastic team of scan clinics who are ready to help and expertly guide you through your pregnancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first scans are available from around 8 to 16 weeks, which are known as the dating, or reassuring scan. This will age your baby, giving a good indication of how far along you are and when your due date is. 

The gender scan happens typically at 16 weeks and will identify if they are male or female.

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