What are the Stages of Labour?

Pregnant couple

A question that all women ask is, what actually happens during labour? We have written a short, informative article to help guide you through the process! 

Pre-labour stage 

Before ‘real’ labour starts,  all of your contractions are called the ‘Pre-Labour Stage’. This is when you have a number of smaller contractions that function to thin your cervix so that your body is ready to give birth.

First stage

In the first stage of the labour, contractions open your cervix, which is called dilation. The cervix dilates from 6cm to 10cm during this stage and is often the most drawn out period of labour. 

Second stage

The second stage of labour is the pushing stage. Often you will feel the urge to push during contractions when the cervix is fully dilated & effaced. The pushing stage will often be the most painful period of labour and can take only a few minutes or it can take a few hours!

Third stage

The third stage of labour is when your baby has been born and you deliver the placenta. The placenta is typically birthed within thirty minutes of the delivery of your baby but it can also be very quick. 

Fourth stage

In the fourth & final stage of labour, the mum and newborn will get skin to skin contact. During this time, your uterus will contract and shrink. 

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