3 Important Things to Do Before Your Baby Arrives

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Pregnancy and delivery are two significant events in a parent’s life. If you’re expecting right now, it’s natural to feel anxious as your due date comes closer. You might feel like you’re not ready for a baby, or there are tons of things you need to do before you bring a tiny baby home.

Don’t worry; our checklist of things to do before your baby arrives will help you get organized and ready for your bundle of joy.

1. Find Your Tribe

Your tribe is your support network. These are the people who’ll stay by your side, calm you down, lend you their support, and help you whenever you need, whether it’s during labor and delivery or in the early days of motherhood when you’ll be functioning on less than two hours of sleep.

You also need a support group to give you advice and recommendations when you feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for a helpless newborn.

2. Build A Nursery

Another vital aspect of preparing for your child’s birth is getting your house ready. Soon-to-be parents spend countless hours wondering about the best color scheme for their baby’s room and how to get matching décor.

While this is important, what’s more crucial is making sure you have all the right equipment in the nursery, which you’ll need after your baby comes. Here’s a list of essential items you need to obtain:

  • A crib and a mattress
  • A comfortable chair or rocker
  • A changing table with all the necessary accessories such as diapers, rash cream, wipers and hand sanitizer
  • Baby monitor
  • Onesies
  • Swaddling blankets
  • Nursing supplies such as burp cloth, pads and nipple cream

3. Stock Up Your Freezer

You’d be exhausted after giving birth to your baby and in the first few weeks that follow. Cooking will be the last thing on your mind, and it’s not good for your physical well-being to rely on take-out during this time.

Hence, before your baby arrives, start cooking easy-to-reheat meals that will give you quick and convenient options when you’re too tired to even step into the kitchen.

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